Is it possible for a URL to have the .html extension?

We have an old URL that our app is pointing to:

We cannot update that URL without re-submitting our app to apple which is not ideal for a few reasons. Is there any way I can rename a page with the .html suffix? Or is there a way I can upload an html file to our directory somehow?

You could just 301 redirect the .html version to the non-.html version.

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Thanks @stratman24, that would totally solve my problem and I wasn’t aware of 301’s so thanks. I did just try it and it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I doing this right to your knowledge?

To be clear, I want

To go to

Here’s how i have it set up:

Yet the old link still goes to 404

Does it just take some time? Or am I doing something wrong?

Did you publish your site after you added that redirect?

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Nope ha ha sure didn’t… AFK but I bet that’s the problem. Thanks :pray:

Yep that was it! Thanks a ton I didn’t know about this feature, and I didn’t know that I had to publish for it to take effect. Thanks again!