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URL structure Q


I originally exported my webflow site to host it on 3rd party hosting. The urls were structured like this:

Now if I host the site on webflow, it looks like the same url loses the .html bit:

Is that the case? If it is, do I need to set up 301 redirects on the SEO settings tab?



Did you make any changes to your website’s core template/design after exporting it?

No. All the files had the .html file extension when I exported them.

Continuing the discussion from URL structure Q:

When you host the site on webflow we don’t include the html extension - however when providing the content as an export, there isn’t any way for us to not include the html extensions and have the site work universally.

To serve html files without the extension on your own server, look into url rewriting in the servers configuration.

Thanks Nathan for the clarification.