How to put .html in the webflow url

how to put .html in the webflow url?

my domain has .html and for reasons of being 8 years old I want to keep .html. Is it possible to place the html in the webflow urls without having to export?

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I don’t believe you have any granular control over how domains are shown when using Webflow hosting so you’d probably need to host externally if it’s something you want to keep.

That said, I’d strongly recommend you consider ripping off that Band-Aid at some point. As with any change to your domain you’d probably see a temporary drop in terms of SEO, but it’s a fairly old-school way of doing things and I don’t see them “coming back”.

Hello, thanks for your help.
Do you know how do I start this .html?
And how long does it take for google to make this switch?

Use redirects in project settings.

Your redirected pages will work as soon as you set them up. When Google crawls the site it will see the 301’s and start updating the index shortly afterward. How fast depends on the crawl rate of your site. Google has a section of Search Central about this very subject (301 redirects).

See this page and the children on it.

Thank you for your help.
my site has 250 pages, do you know if it would take more than a month?

I think you should be relying on Google’s comprehensive documentation and not forums for your answer as it would be the most authoritative source.