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Is it my SEO or Webflow SEO format?

I’m not sure if it is me, but when I google my company, Guanxi Innovations, it displays all the links as separate links rather than Sitelinks style. I have had this problem with Datelytics as well, and wasn’t sure if it is how I am using SEO on Webflow or something else. I haven’t had with websites I built from scratch. Thanks in advance!

Google is a little elusive when describing the algorithms used to determine potential Sitelinks, but they do provide this info:

If you google “webflow” you can see our homepage does have Sitelinks and it was built in Webflow, so I don’t believe Webflow is the problem.

I suggest taking a look at the support article I linked from google and making sure you are following their suggestions. Additionally, you should update sitemap.xml, the one currently on your site has 7/17/2014 specified as the last day it was updated, this likely is hurting your site from an SEO perspective.


Cool thanks for that! Shall get on this ASAP.