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Is access to the Google map widget down?


A week ago, I added the Google map widget to my site. It worked fine. I have not needed to mess with it. Now though, it is not displaying map data. Other sites with embedded maps work ok. Is Webflow’s connection to the Google map source broken? Or, is it me?


My site:

No. I just checked several of my sites… all maps on them are ok.

I think the error message you are getting is about an invalid API key.

This page was unable to display a Google Maps element. The provided Google API key is invalid or this site is not authorized to use it. Error Code: InvalidKeyOrUnauthorizedURLMapError

EDIT: I don’t see a map on your site. Do you have any script in the custom code section ?

The map is small - under the contact us form.

I inserted the map via the webflow map widget. Why would that work, then a week later become “unauthorized”?

Thanks for looking!


That is a strange issue.

I tried to add a new map… couldn’t get to work.

Did you check for custom code ?

Contact Webflow Support … here’s a video of the issue.

Thanks Revolution.

It was indeed a mod I made to the custom code to prevent X overflow on mobile devices. I had the following head code to prevent x scrolling:

body div { overflow-x= hidden; }

It worked for my sideways (portrait) rolling, but killed the Google map.

Changing the head code to:

html, body { overflow-x= hidden; } solved the scroll issue WITHOUT killing the map.

Thanks for the important clue!


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