Invoicing first cash job
Hey there! hoping someone can advise me on how much i can charge my client for this site I created.
Its my first cash job, he seems very happy with the outcome. Im just unsure how much to charge. I didnt keep track of my hours and never gave him a quote at the start. he gave me no real guidance on what he wanted, i found all of the stock photos, wrote copy for the calls to action, and took photos of him for the about me page. if anyone wants to give the site a quick tour on desktop and mobile and let me know what you think is fair to charge it would be so very helpful. appreciate any help and feedback.

Here’s my advise for future projects:

  1. Always ask for 50% of the total cost up front
  2. Ask for the remaining 50% before hand off
  3. Use to come up with an estimate
  4. ALWAYS track your time.

That’s a nice tool, thanks for sharing it :+1:

Thanks for the advice and the tool. Much appreciated