Looking for a general idea of what to charge

I’m hoping I can get a handle on what to charge for a website. I realize as I work more with it I’ll have a better idea, but for now, I’m looking for some kind of starting point.

I’ve been a professional photographer for many years, so I have some idea about design, though I as far as what I can do in webflow, I wouldn’t say it’s outstanding or amazing, but that it’s “acceptable.”

Anyway, I’m for now contacting my photography customers who have outdated websites. I have a very likely job with one of them. They have a site that’s more than 10 years old. They serve other industries and their site is a basic “brochure” type site. A home page, about us page, personnel page, examples of some of their work page, contact us page.

Presuming they had the images and content ready to submit to me to arrange into a a 5 or 6 page website–what would be an approximate price to charge?

I realize that there are many factors that determine pricing, but I’m just looking for some reasonable ranges or a starting point.

What seems fair to me is around $1,500. What I would like to charge is around $2,500, especially since my previous work with them as a photographer was around $1,000 per visit, and the time involved was much less than time involved in putting a website together. But is $2,500 too much for a static 5 page website?

We’ve actually written up a whole e-book about Freelancing.

Here is a chapter about pricing your services:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. That was a helpful article.

But I would still be interested to know what others would charge.

I’ve found a website that’s on the level of what’s required. It’s not the company I’m working with. I’m just posting this as an example. And I know many here could design something much better.

But I would just like to get a general idea of what putting a site together like this is worth:

I feel that pricing shouldn’t really be about what others charge, it should be about how you value yourself.

When I did my first site with Webflow for £500 ($650) I was so happy that I was going to get that much for doing something I enjoy. Now because I feel I’m better at it, and my time has become more valuable to me, I wouldn’t ever charge that again knowing how much work is involved. As you become more confident and capable, so your prices can reflect.

Let’s say others charge £10,000 for a Webflow site. Would I go and charge people that myself? Of course not, because I don’t have the confidence in my ability to say that figure with a straight face.

Quoting a fixed price too early for a website is risky too, unless it’s absolutely outlined what is included. As mentioned in one of the articles, scope creep is a killer and I’ve found that out on more than one project. Photos, custom graphics, content writing all reflect the price. It’s like asking, how much to build a house? They’re all different.

Do you feel confident in your ability to quote $5000? If yes, and you can deliver a product, then quote it. I get people now asking me to build a website for £200, £500 even £1000. I don’t take them now because some people can’t see the value in a well structured website.

Other designers may scoff at may work, we’re all entitled to our opinion, but more importantly, your client needs to see the value in what you produce, and you need to value yourself too.

I now have a good chat with the client, and I always try and go in at a price where I can do a good amount of work, and exceed their expectations. It’s about not promising the earth and then delivering nothing. I hold back a little, knowing I can make them smile when they see it.

At least that’s what I try to do anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: