Best pricing for restaurant website

Hey folks! Just a quick question about pricing a job for a restaurant and the best hosting option.

It’s my first job and bit unsure how to price. Went through all of the webflow tutorials and done online research. But just wanted to get a few opinions before pricing. Below is a list of what the job will entail.

  • Full visual menu(200 items)- including hover for image and description
  • Signatures dishes including full description images
  • Individual staff introductions
  • Full Gallery
  • Background on Traditional Indian cooking, including spices, traditions and common fresh ingredients used.
  • Integration with table booking service app
  • Integration with online takeaway ordering service app
  • CMS for menu with member training so they can change images and prices
  • Full video background on opening page made in FCP - stock footage and images
  • Customer Reviews section - links and reference to trip advisor
  • Images of each individual dish for menu(over 100 dishes)
  • Footer
  • Contact Form
  • Separate table booking and order taking plug ins to set up and learn (suggestions for any good ones for restaurants?)
  • Available on all devices

There will probably be a few meetings to sit through stock video and image footage as well as copy for the website.

I know the owner through a friend so the price will be brought down slightly. But for me this will probably be a month’s work due to inexperience and being so slow. I was going to charge $1350(£1000) with unlimited revisions. I know its always hard to price these things, especially when you can’t see some of the designs and the level of detail I will be going into. But any ballpark figures or experience folks have had in pricing restaurant work would be a great help. I don’t want to sell myself short due to lack of confidence.

Does anyone have any advice on how they would price ongoing maintenance if needed? I was thinking upfront cost then hosting and simple maintenance for $30 a month, then an hourly rate for any larger changes?

Also I’m thinking I may only need CMS hosting plan and not business? The online sales will be done through external plug ins. Or would anyone recommend doing this through ecommerce webflow? Lastly if anyone can recommmend any table booking plug-ins or online takeaway ordering plug-ins. They currently use food hub for takeway. Just about to do extensive research on best plug-ins for this as need images for each food item when ordering.

Sorry about the length of the message, a little nervous about the first job and want to get everything perfect for them.

Thanks, Gareth.