How do I bill a client? How do you do it?

Hello fellow designers and devs! I hope you are all safe and set at home while the storm passes.

I recently landed a gig to design a one-page website with 4 sections. The question is, how do I bill a client?

  • Do I quote a fixed price and, on top of that, use the Webflow billing system to bill the client the Hosting?

  • How do you do it? What do you usually do?. While we are at it, how much should I charge for a one-page website with a few sections?

I am pretty new to what it comes to billing, so any input is more than appreciated.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!

Hi there, @Kron98. And congrats on landing a client!

For something like you’re describing, I typically do a fixed price with the scope of work detailed in the contract with the client. In your contract be sure to include the hosting/website maintenance fees (if any). In my fixed-bid contracts, I require 50% upfront and 50% on completion.

For creating contracts and sending out design/dev invoices, I use with Stripe.

For hosting/maintenance fees, I use Webflow’s built-in client billing tool so I don’t have to foot the bill up front.

As for what to charge, every person in here might charge something different. It’s up to you, your level of design/dev, and ultimately, the scope of work. Some questions to ask when you’re considering your price point:

  • Are you providing SEO services to this landing page?
  • Is this a new business that also needs a style guide/branding included?
  • Are you doing the copy?

Hope this helps a little, and good luck with the build!

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Thank you for your input! I will definitely consider your method!

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