Inventory and stock management - integrating online and real shop

Hi everyone,

  1. Is there an alert system if a particular item of stock is getting low? Can I set up to recieve an email once an item gets to 2 or below? Or a particular colour is getting low?

  2. How do people integrate the online shop, with the actual shop in a street? For example, if I have 1 item of stock left in the real shop and a customer buys the last item in real shop, what are the options to update my online shop, so that a customer can´t try to buy this item online?

Are these two things possible in Webflow?

I´m guessing when there is a sale in the real shop and the item barcode is scanned, this should update my stock levels online. But any suggestions?

Many thanks for any help.

Regards, Terry Hibbert.

To add…

I see Shopify offers hardware to be used in the real shop, so customers can use card payments face to face.

Is there another way I can use Webflow and also intergrate hardware for customers to pay for items in the actual street shop?

Just to be clear!

  1. Does Webflow have an alert system (text or email) when stock is getting low?
  2. Can my Webflow e-commerce site be integrated with hardware in-store at point of sale with a customer? i.e. to take payments and update stock that is reflected in the online store.

Hi Terry

At this point, Webflow will require a bit more development work to work with bricks & mortar. Shopify & Square obviously have out of the box POS, hardware and inventory sync. It looks like you haven’t determined your shop POS setup yet? Hard to look past these options for your use case.

You would need to use the webflow ecommerce api, zapier or integromat to keep things in sync. I find Webflow’s ecommerce api data is very hard to work with at present. Customer and order arrays are not ideal. I would love to hear from anyone else who has got webflow working in the bricks/ mortar & online space…

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