Is it possible to synchronise and track inventory and stock across multiple platforms using plugins?


I am in the process of creating an e-commerce website for a vintage clothing retailer that also posts their stock on websites such as Depop, eBay, Instagram and Facebook etc.

I have some experience when it comes to Webflow, however my experience with the e-commerce side of things is very limited - basically he is wanting to have it set up so that the inventories are all sync together, as the vast majority of items we sell will be one off pieces and we don’t want angry customers if an item is sold on eBay for example and then someone else tries to buy the same thing on the website at the same time.

Is there a way to manage this centrally using some form of plugin?

I’ve been told to have a look at Shopify but I’m not really sure about it’s capabilities and what it is compatible with.

Oh, and he was also asking about integrating other things such as Klarna and LoyaltyLion.

Any suggestions on this would be amazing, thanks!

In Webflow no. A system needs to be the central authoritative source for inventory on hand. That needs to be integrated to sales channels via their respective API’s and webhooks so when an item is “sold” the main datasource is updated and if it accepts the transaction it adjusts the inventory and calls out to each channel via its API to reduce the stock on hand or delist the item. This is viable for large sellers using mature systems designed for sales of large quantities of each item. Not really viable for one off vintage sellers unless you use an e-commerce solution that has this wired in.

My wife and I were both power sellers on Ebay and other channels. She used to do vintage so I built a system to handle it for her. Shopify has a strong API and already has plugins to handle most third party integrations. It would be worth looking at as the main source. Webflow not so much. Webflow could be a spoke only if you wanted to write an integration from your system to it. If you need consulting help you can reach me via a direct message.

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