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Dat dashboard refresh tho

so good… Dear Webflow devs. Keep doing this. It makes me happy.

edit: Designer tab?! I see big things happening in the near future =) GREAT IDEA GUYS!

edit 2: OH! I GET IT NOW! It’s like a dribble/behance for Webflow designers! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!

edit 3: CLONE PUBLIC SITES?! Getting closer to the answer for for people who want to share custom UI elements.

edit 4: Follow me!


Thanks @PixelGeek! We work hard for those "Oh S :sparkle: :fireworks:t " moments :smile: Definitely let us know how we can make it better!


Nice update to the dashboard! Clean and very sleek!
Would be nice if we had a folder option for all our sites ;


Loved it! It get’s all the identity from the construction page into the rest of the site :smile:

It’s not Dribbble it’s Webbbflow. Amazing. Love this idea. Great for inspiration great for feedback and I see that a lot can be added to this.

There is an issue with the fonts tab. I have custom fonts loaded into a few of my sites and they don’t show up in the fonts tab.

Hey Dave! There was an issue with custom fonts you upload while transfering the website. They appeared in dashboard, but they didn’t in font list on designer tab. Simply reupload them and it should be fine - at least worked for me :)

I loved the new design the moment I saw it :) I’m not a designer, but I’ll put some of my websites as public as well. Just so you can see how I build stuff ;)

HI, currently i’m asking myself : What is the purpose of all this Beautiful Webflow Portfolio Network? Another noise maker in the portfolio world? Or Maybe you want us to learn to clone things? :smiley:

Currently I only see something not inspiring me (UI included) except for the popular section. :frowning:

So for me, This network is more a CodePen for Webflow, then a place to find real kickass webdesign… Don’t you agree? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great dashboard update y’all!

LOL at that gif @PixelGeek !

Hey Bartosz, that was because it was a type kit integration. The site was built before custom fonts so that was the only way. I have since swapped it over to uploaded fonts. They have shown up in the dashboard now too.

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