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Internet Explorer issue

Didn’t find any information about IE (any versions) compability… All other browser works fine, but with IE always there are some problems =( Do you have any FAQ? Or just me have this errors?
Thank you.

It’s Internet Explorer. Don’t expect too much from it :wink: You can always add a html5shiv to head tags (in dashboard).

What specific issue in IE are you running into? And what version is it? Maybe there’s something specific we can look into that’s causing problems.

IE 8.0.6001, as you see here ( there are many mistakes in that browser… Any easy adaptation for IE? =_)

As @bartekkustra mentioned IE 8 doesn’t fully support HTML5 so that can easily cause problems because we create HTML5. You can go to the link Bartek provided, download the zip file, extract it, copy all the contents inside “html5shiv.js” and paste it into the <head> in Dashboard > Site settings > Custom Code.

Let us know if this helps!

Hi there!

I’ve tried using this method to try to fix compatibility with the slider in IE 8 but it doesn’t seem to be working.

…the first slide is visible there but there isn’t any transition to the next slide.


@Jacob The slider widget does not include support for IE8. We do gracefully degrade it however, and simply show the first slide. Please keep this in mind when designing your site!