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Internal Links / Link Block not working properly

Internal Links opening new browser tab when using Link Block unchecked. Is anyone experiencing this?

Hi @ON2Interactive

Do you have a read-only link to share?

Yep I can see the issue. I would need the read-only link to see if it’s an error or a bug. Can you share it please?

Everything seems fine. Can you try to toggle ON and OFF the “open in a new tab” checkbox and republish your site?

I did that and it did not work, I’ll try again now…

Still the same, not working…

That’s definitely odd… Maybe @Brando can take a look.

It is odd, never seen that happen before, hopefully @Brando could take a look… Thanks much.

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For an immediate fix, you should try to replace the link block with a new one. It would force Webflow to overwrite the existing code.

Let me try that see if it works

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OK, that did the trick… Thanks again.

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Awesome :raised_hands: Glad I could help. :webflow_heart:

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