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"Internal" CSS (non-linked style sheets) with Webflow?

I am hoping to create “standalone” pages (specifically, marketing “landing pages”, if that matters) for use with a CRM that has limited html design capabilities. Doing so requires internal css. (I believe that’s the term - I mean style code that is put in the page’s header, rather than being hosted externally and referenced / linked-to in the page’s code.) I don’t believe there is a way to host the style sheets that are part of the page’s code exports.

Is there a way to do what I need to do with Webflow, or is this just not the right tool for what I need to do? I briefly considered literally copying all the css from the exported sheets into the pages’ headers and changing the links, but that seems tedious and likely to lead to significant page bloat, besides.

Thanks in advance for any help that the community can share …

@Brendon_Troy - you can add global CSS in the site settings here:


You can add page specific CSS here:


Thanks for the quick reply, Sam. So (with apologies if this is a dumb question), you’re suggesting that I create a page, export it, then copy all the css in the three exported css files back into the “page-specific css” section, and then use that page’s html (by itself) for my purpose? That could work, I suppose; won’t I need to change the references to the “external” stylesheets in the page, as well?

@Brendon_Troy - I guess to answer your question you can insert inline CSS in those sections and it will export as inline CSS, rather than in a linked stylesheet. However, design you create using the Webflow editor will be placed in a linked stylesheet and if you want to move that to the head section of the page you’ll need to open that file and copy and paste it into the head section manually. You can then remove the link to the stylesheet without an issue.

Thanks again for the explanation.

It sounds like Webflow might not be for me, then. (Bummer that I already paid for it, but oh well!)

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for a similar product with perhaps more simple scope / greater options for internal or inline css, could you let me know? I know this is a Webflow forum, so if that’s not kosher, I understand.