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I´m new to Webflow, and it seems like a nice solution. But I want to be able to add/remove/edit the style sheets directly, not by pushing buttons. Is this possible, I can´t seem to find an editor window that allows me to do this?

It would be equally nice to be able to “live view” the html created, and to edit the code manually. Is it possible?

Hi @samuelrh ,
It is not possible to edit the style sheets directly. The only route is to either add a external style sheet in custom code or add the css on to all the pages in custom code dashboard or individual pages in the pages settings.

I have made a feature request of a own custom code css a while back as it would save bandwidth and quite a few http requests than rather add it on to the head section on each page. I doubt there will be “live view” as things may break in the visual editor.

Bugger :smile:

It would be a great feature having the possibility to add custom css manually. Lets just hope this feature will be added in the future.

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