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Dear no coders,

we are in the process of creating a landing page for one of our client’s charitable campaign.

What we need, and we are trying to find if it is even possible in webflow, either natively or through an API, plugin etc. is to create a site that automatically “visualizes the data” inputted by visitors.

What I mean by that, users will be prompted to name an object by filling a form (their name, their surname and the name for the object), each time a user gives a name our client will donate a designated amount to a cause. Then we want that name to appear on the homepage alongside the object’s photo (predefined by us) and the user’s name.

At the end of the day, we want to have a section on our homepage filled with photos of the object with the different names inputted by the users. Kinda like a live graf.

Is this something possible?


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I know right!

I hope to get interesting answers as well!! :grin:

Since Webflow does not provide this feature you could search for a possible integration in the university or use custom code to build a solution.

Yes, I know! I was just trying to see if there’s a way to avoid using custom code!