Landing page for a game - access with a code

Hello everyone,

For a campaign, I see a QR to land a landing page where the winner would introduce a code (they would need to find themselves which code it is - there is just one that can be accepted) and once they add that code, they would access the landing page.

I’m not sure how it can be done in Webflow. Can someone help me?

Thank you!

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Hi Ines,

Your description is a little bit vague, but I think what you’re wanting Webflow to provide is-

  • One landing page for all visitors, probably mobile-oriented since you mentioned the QR.
  • A form input for a code
  • The ability to determine, based on the code entered, whether to send the user to some kind of reward page, or not… possibly a “sorry you didn’t win” page.

If this needs to be even a little secure to prevent hacking, or scale to a lot of codes, you don’t want this data in Webflow, so you’d likely build it like this-

Data - Airtable, Xano, Google Sheets, or some DB;

  • Stores all codes, and whether / what they win. You can store individual redirects to the associated reward pages here if you want.

Automation - Make, Pipedream, N8N, ( not Zapier )

  • Handles the form request by webhook
  • Looks up the code in your database
  • Returns the win/loss response and any important info, by webhook response


  • Has the “submit your code” page
    • Has javascript to make the request to your automation webhook
    • Captures the response, and redirects wherever you want, success or fail
  • Has your success and fail pages, these are probably excluded from search engine indexing so they don’t appear in the sitemap or in Google SERPs