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Interactive Contact Page, example inside!

Hello team,

First I just want to add, you guys are the absolute best - i really appreciate all the feedback and i’m almost getting my first website done! I am planning on integrating fullpage.js and want to create a similar contact form to this one:

It would be really great to get some pointers or ideas how to achieve this, from the top of my head it could be really simple or a bit tricky.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @juliansocial, read this article:

Rather kind of an advanced user instruction, I have not tried it, but it should work in Webflow, although you have to use custom css in the HEAD, but that is for you to read the article and see how it works, then you can try to replicate the effect in Webflow.

You should be able to get it to work, but this is a rather more complicated setup, so it would help if you have a knowledge of javascript :smile:

Here is article on adding custom code:

If you have questions, you can ask the forum for more help, but that is one way to get started. Cheers, Dave


Awesome, thanks a lot for that - i’ll get reading.

Oh boy, this is looking really difficult :frowning:

Hi @juliansocial, Yes it is an advanced instruction, but what you are trying to do is an advanced css effect. You might check around the net to see if there is some other “Natural Language Forms” examples somewhere else, maybe you can find an easier implementation.

Well, i’ve just made a bold (natural language) contact form on it’s own page. It works for now, though it’s very scruffy. I will go back to this when I know more about CSS and all things development.

I was wondering, ive made the text colour ‘white’ - which is does go white when you type, though how come it is not white when it is static?


Hi @juliansocial, looks like you are making good progress. On the text placeholders, that is not a styleable item through Webflow (although some hacks may exist to do this on the net) so the place holder text takes on color from Webflow defaults. If you do not want that, then you just need to remove the placeholder text or look on the net, on ways to style form input placeholder text.

Hope that helps, Cheers, Dave

Thanks for the kind words and the help.

Though sounds like more hassle then I need right now haha.