Interactions only work on one page

Here’s my read-only link:

The animations on the homepage work (Title fading up over banner On Scroll Into View), but do not work when I apply them to other pages (Go to Marketing > Marketing Strategy, the content on the banner should animate like the front page).

Any ideas about what I’m doing wrong here?

@jberube actually you did not follow the webflow standard. now follow this

add locomotive scroll on your website. It will be look beautiful with locomotive. Locomotive Scroll | Detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with parallax effects.

@Moheen I tried this but now all elements are triggered at the same time. So as I scroll through my front page the second and third set of animated elements don’t work.

@Moheen Figured it out. Had to select “Only parents with this class” so that each element with this class would be triggered individually. Thanks.

@jberube now is it working fine?

@Moheen Yes sir. Thank you.

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