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Interactions doesn't work if they been called from other page

Hello everyone!

I stuck in the problem.
Client’s site is having a “project page” with 18 different “projects”(inside it’s own section). Every of this projects become visible by calling interaction (on this page). But when I applied same interaction to “menu” on home page it does’t work.

I need effect: click on menu (some picture in this case) and go to project page where is choose project become visible.

I know I can create 18 pages for every project, but was hope to do this by manage only one page and 18 sections.
Is there some ideas?

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Hi @sabanna, thanks for the post. At the moment, interaction only work for the same page where the interaction is triggered, because each page loaded re-loads all the DOM elements and scripts.

Interesting idea though, If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here:


Thanks for information, Dave. So I guess only way to do what I need is creating 18 pages… Or maybe write interactions manualy and add them in custom code?

Hi Sabanna,

Yes, that sounds about right, since we do not have an option on the page load interaction to activate a particular trigger, it loads all triggers in order.


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