Parallax images preview works but live doesn't

Hi all!

hope someone can help me out.

I’ve been having some problem with animations… That i haven’t had before.

I’ve made a parallax effect on a section with images and in preview it works just fine but when i publish it, it doesn’t work i’ve checked developer tools but don’t see any errors either.

Then i tried recreating the effect with locomotive scroll. nothing happened again. so removed that code

Then added typer.js for a text writing effect also doesn’t work tried other js 2. so removed te code.

Something is happening with the javascript i guess but can’t seem to find the problem.
now i’m left with the parallax working in preview again but stil not showing on published site.

“images on home page is the targeted section”

Published site is

Noticed that using the js in the head section did work so… wich helped me find the problem and code embed ellement on the page didn’t have a closing style tag…

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