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Interactions on Internet Explorer 11 have stopped working again

Hi there anyody from Webflow Support that may be monitoring this, I’ve just noticed that the issue I mentioned on the forum post here has returned

The Interactions in IE11 have stopped working again after a new publish.

Compare this page in IE11 and then any other browser to see what I mean

I’ll contact Webflow Support to let them know about this as well.


Hi @grantsenior,
IE11 is in its end of life.
Check out this article :

I advise telling your client that IE11 is not a modern browser and has security issues. Even Microsoft advise not to use it anymore.

Here is more details about the vulnerabilities:

Yes, thanks I am aware, but the client is still using it so things still need to work if they were working before.

Webflow support were in touch and the problem has been fixed now.

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