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HELP! My page doesn't work in IE 11, works in Chrome well


I am really stuck here.

My page works in Chrome fine, but not in IE.

I am on windows 10 and IE 11.

I back up my work everyday, very sure yesterday was still compatible with IE well. but when I publish the same back up as of yesterday, didn’t work neither. Please make sure I am not crazy.

Not the direct link nor export HTML works.

this is my page link.

This is my backup page like as of yesterday. this one worked fine yesterday with IE, even after I exported it as HTML. but not today.

Desperately need help here. anyone can shed some light?

thank you!

Use a browser that supports modern CSS like MS Edge to avoid issues. IE is less than %2 of visitors here in the US so I no longer advise clients to expect it to work on modern sites I build. When forced to support it on business sites, I don’t use grid and only use flex box sparingly. Supporting IE is not trivial and rendering issues with it do not qualify as a bug with Webflow, rather it is a buggy non standards compliant end of life browser that needs to die.

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Hi, thank you for the answer.

The reason I use Webflow to design is when I tested it, the demo site shows in IE 11 very well.

I still have the demo site HTML exported saved on my laptop, that shows in IE 11 well too.

but the same demo site project, when I publish it again, it no longer shows good in IE 11. It was only 2 days ago… I didn’t change CSS at all.

I still have a demo site backup here. this one works with IE 11 very well, but I bet if I publish it again to the same domain. it will fail IE 11.

did anything change overnight?

it is just seems to be unstable and weird to me.

can you please help to figure out?


Hello again,

I build another test demo. very simple, just a hover over interaction.

you can see even an simple hover over interaction doesn’t work in IE 11 now. I swear the same interaction published 2 days ago just worked fine.

here is an example that I published 2 days ago.

it won’t just impact me. any users using simple interaction on their site will suffer this when the site get published again.

Do anything changed these 2 days?

thank you!

I think webflow did something to fix the bug. The same project didn’t work last week, but when I export it again, it is compatible with IE 11 again.

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