Interactions on Internet Explorer 11 have stopped working

Hi Webflow folk,

I’ve got a bit of a problem and I hope I can get some help here; all of the interactions on my site that were working on Internet Explorer11 have stopped working.

I’m very aware of the issues of dealing with Internet Explorer but I thought IE11 was relatively ok with Webflow’s Interactions. This site has a lot of interactions and they were working fine in IE11, back in February I had to sort an IE11 specific issue the client identified, the attached image below shows what things were looking like then. But today things are looking completely different, none of the interactions are working, any content that has an interaction is not displaying at all, and the background video on the home page seems to play very intermittently.

Last week the site had a popup message and a script adding a cookie to stop the popup loading for 24 hours. I thought this might be causing the problem but things are no better with the popup/cookie removed.

A third party plugin script delivering a cookie to the site was also added. Removing this to see if it made things better has also not improved things.

My testing shows that removing the interactions from a container makes the content display again. (Is there a way to disable interactions for IE11??) And it seems to be the Page Load and Page Scroll interactions that are the issue.

I have read that some people have been having similar problems, somebody suggested a polyfils.js script fix which I tried but it only made things worse.

Here’s the live link if you need to see what it should look like

Any help with this would really be appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Ok, very bizarre, it all just started working properly again, and I haven’t made any changes.
So I suspect that Webflow itself has been doing something weird in the background. Can somebody from Webflow please confirm this as I need to know what happened.

We had another site which also had similar issues in IE11, this time the sliding out navigation, the Webflow slider, and some Page Scrolling interactions stopped working, though no content failed to display. But it too just fixed itself after about 12 hours.

Just to remind Webflow support reading this, yes, I know that Internet Explorer browser is not fully compatible with Webflow interactions, but they were all working fine (were checked in IE11 at the time of building them) and have been doing so for some time now and yesterday they just stopped working, and then started working again after about 12 hours.


Same here :frowning: I publish my website today and then website on IE11 stop working. Before publishing was not problem. I wrote to webflow support.

I have the same problem, two weeks ago and today.

think Webflow folks fixed the issue two weeks ago, as interaction works fine with IE last week till yesterday.

The same page I published yesterday works fine. But after I republished it today, interaction totally doesn’t work in IE11 again.

this really bothers me. our company still has many IE users unfortunately. I am not exploring fancy features to be compatible in IE11. but what worked in existing page, please make them still work.

see my posting here.



Hi @Metrik, could you help to share a link to the page not rendering as expected on IE 11?

If you can help to let me know the url to the page and what interaction is not working, a screencast would be helpful, I can help to take a look further.

I have reached out to our team regarding some fixes for IE11 browsers made last week, and as there is more info an update will be provided.

Hi @cyberdave . I sent my websites to support yesterday. But for example this site worked fine before publishing yesterday (last publish was about 6 months ago) -
And i think problem is with all interactions :frowning: page loads, click, hover…

Hi, do you still have the issue? I tried again today, still doesn’t work for me. Did you get any feedback from Webflow CS?


Hi Maggie, yes. I got an answer. WF team has been made aware of this issue and they investigate that. Iam waiting for notify.

Hi, I just tried again, it looks it is fixed now. cheers!! FYI.

Hi Grant. FYI. I think the interaction issue is fixed by Webflow now. just tried on my side~~

thank you for the help to test!!

Hi Maggie,

Yes, we’ve heard back from Webflow support that an update has been made to remedy things and it looks like it’s been successful :wink:.


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