Interactions not loading in Chrome

It appears as though the jQuery that loads interactions/nav dropdowns is not working properly on Chrome. When first visiting the site it appears to load properly but after shift+refreshing, the page loads and any content that does not have an animation to load works fine but everything else remains blank. This is also happening for some domains on Webflow’s site and other Webflow hosted sites that I know.

The site has loaded properly a few times in the last hour since the problem was brought to my attention but once I attempt another refresh the loading stalls again.

Are there known issues with any jQuery servers at this time?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @hjeror

Thanks so much for posting about this — it definitely sounds like odd behavior.

I tested this on your site while using Chrome but was unable to reproduce the issue. My browser / machine setup:

It looks like you have quite a bit of custom code. To rule out the possibility of custom code causing the issue here, can you please temporarily remove the custom code from your site and publish to the subdomain (you won’t need to publish this temporary change to your custom domain)?

Then, can you please try reproducing the issue in incognito mode with browser extensions disabled? If the issue happens again you can grab a screenshot of the console if there are errors:

Thanks in advance!

The site is working fine now and was working fine within a few hours after I posted my initial issue. I was looking for a much more time-sensitive response as I could tell it was a hosting issue rather than an issue with the workings of my site specifically. No changes had been made to the site for several days before encountering the issue. As I mentioned, I noticed that my site wasn’t the only one with the issue as Webflow’s navigation dropdowns weren’t working on all subdomains either as well as other Webflow hosted sites that I know.

As of right now, 48 hours after the incident, I haven’t received a response to my support ticket. We are very alarmed to see such lengthy response times, considering this is hosting a mission-critical business website.

I did note as well that although does not report any errors or incidents reported, I was tracking it during this problem and did note that there was an admitted 20% drop in Hosted Sites on the graph reported for about 5 minutes of the 5 hours it was down for. It can no longer be seen on the graph though as it happened more than 24 hours ago and I can not see a past history of those reports.

In the future I will screenshot the issue as soon as it happens. Is there another avenue of support that I should be aware of that is available to Webflow customers for more time-sensitive issues if this happens again?

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