Interactions No Longer Working?

Hello All,

I’ve hit a bit of a wall. I was working on this replica of Nelson’s mouse movement parallax and certain pieces were working fine, but now nothing is working. It is supposed to scroll as you move the mouse to the left or right, which no longer works. Additionally, I had a mouse over effect that was supposed to change the text color white, increase the image holder size to 1.0 on the scale from .8 and make it 100% opacity from 0%. Everything worked, aside from the opacity aspect. I logged out, log back in and now nothing is working.

Any ideas? =/

Another example of what it should be is here.



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Hey @JJB22

Works for me in preview

Here’s a video where you can see how to fix the names color change on hover >

Thanks for the response @PiterDimitrov.

Oddly enough, the horizontal slide no longer shows on my previewer? Even though nothing has changed from the read only link. By chance, would you know if there is somewhere I can check to enable it again, since it appears the animations are working at least in part.

The opacity from your screen grab isn’t working on the image holder from what I can tell. That is another one of the issues I was having, aside from it not properly previewing for me now.

Any insight would be great, however thank you for the response…at least I know now the issues appear to be on my end with the previewer.

Thanks, JB

Got the previewer fixed, not sure what the bug was but another shut down and restart of Webflow corrected the issue.

Just can’t figure out the opacity. I have the initial state set at 0% with the mouse hover adjusting opacity to 100%, yet it is always at 100% regardless. Assuming it has something to do with the initial styling of the element, but even adjusting that down to 0% has no impact.