Broken animation after updating other pages

I recently made some updates to my portfolio, adding some pages and then adding/changing some thumbnails and slider slides to reflect new projects.

I have a full-screen slider. When you scroll down, there’s a parallax effect with the next section, which has some background color and some text that is set to fade in upon appearing in view.

Since my update, there’s something weird going on where the text animation happens but the parent div with the background color doesn’t move and so the text loads over the slider in error. It’s happening on my home and work pages. Individual project pages don’t seem to be having issues as far as I can tell, but they have their own duplicated interactions.

Here is a screen recording. You can see it’s like the white background is getting stuck and not moving.

The site was live and un-edited for 6-12 months and working fine by all signs. It works in preview mode but not on staging or live. So I could really use some much appreciated help figuring out if I broke something or if something changed. Thank you!!

Here is my public share link: