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Interactions: In View Trigger

Hey guys,

First of all, great job with the tool. Had a blast building responsive website with this designer friendly tool.
I think “interactions” is really interesting and can open up a lot of possibilities.

But one thing that holding me back is the scroll trigger in iOS device. I understand that currently it won’t work, but I think the “in view trigger” is very important and common function to be able to work on iOS device. and there are too many iOS user to be ignored…

Is the team working on a solution?

I was trying to use something like “wow.js” but the class name I put in webflow become lowercase causing it to not work properly…

Thank you.


Hi Shawn! Thank you for the kind words. We are definitely working on more updates to the Interactions system.

Recently with the launch of iOS8, Apple has finally implemented proper JavaScript scroll events… which means that we can take advantage of this in our interactions scroll triggers for iOS8 and up.

If all goes well with our testing of this new capability, you should see an update very soon.


Great to hear Dan! Can’t wait for the next update.

Will you be enabling background:fixed also?

@danro Hi – any news on scroll trigger support for iOS?

Hi Webflow team,

Any update on this ? Is the scroll interaction working on iOS devices ?
This is one of the main thing that is holding me back to use Webflow for my project.