Scroll Interactions Fix for iOS

Hey there, I’ve got an issue that I could use some help with.

My project is a bit funky as the main content is within an “overflow: scroll;” div. I don’t think there is any getting around this, due to the design. Anyway, I’ve set up some scroll interactions that fire off perfectly on desktop.

However, on iPhone they don’t work at all. I imagine this is some iOS shortcoming or oversight.

Is there any way to fix this without changing my design? Perhaps with some custom code that targets iOS?

Below is my read only link. Note that the scroll interactions are turned off for anything other than Desktop breakpoint. So you’ll have to re-enable them to test on mobile.

Thanks in advance!

Bumping this.

It would be really great to figure out how to get these interactions working on iOS!
I understand this may be a limitation of Webflow but there must be a workaround with JS or something right?


Wondering if this issue is somehow related to this one?