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Scroll interactions on iOS

Now that iOS 8 has been out and penetration is high, any plans to introduce scrolling interactions for it?

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Great request, I haven’t made the link between iOS 8 ew scroll and Webflow scroll events limitation on mobile.

I know that initially any animations on iOS over at least AT&T were LTE were a complete fail. Entire site might not load. Seemed that this was more of an AT&T/iOS/antenna issue that has cleared up.

Is there a piece of CSS or Script that the Webflow Team could provide to let us turn the interactions on for iOS if desired?

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@cyberdave Any word on this? Is there a bit of CSS we could have to turn on scroll animations on iOS or a script? I see scroll animations working fairly well on a number of sites ( as an example). It would be nice to have the option to turn this off or on across the board.

I’ve added a script to handle a navigation header background but not really pumped about doing that for every interaction on scroll.

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Hey guys, Just wanted to reach out share that Webflow IX scroll triggers are now working on iOS devices! :slight_smile: Simply re-publish any site with scroll triggers to take advantage of this update. More info here:


Is that a version number? …

Thank you much for jumping on this! Looking forward to republishing my sites.

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