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Interactions do not work in iOS Safari

Hey. I’m really hoping someone can help here.

It would appear that webflow interactions do not work on iOS Safari… at all?! I’m half way through building a site for a client and am only now realising that, in it’s current form, the site is going to be completely unusable for approx 20-25% of mobile users.

I’ve seen several posts about problems with Safari, but no posts about it flat out not working for interactions. Webflow staff have mentioned that there were some problems since iOS 13, but iOS 14 still seems to be completely unusable for webflow sites that rely on any interactions.

I can’t share the site that I cam currently working on, but you can try and visit webflow’s own interactions site on an iPhone: - nothing on this site works for me within Safari on the iPhone (iOS 14, iPhone 12 Pro).

I’m really hoping this is just me and that it can be fixed. Surely webflow can’t have a feature that doesn’t work for such a large portion of the browser market and not consider it critical?

Thanks in advance!

iPhone 12 / IOS 14 not showing any glaring issue for me.

That’s so strange. Literally none of the interactions are working for me. The majority of that site is blank for me…

Ok - I found the issue. I had Content Blockers switched on in Safari’s settings (I’m not even sure why - I think to try and stop pop ups, trackers etc). I turned this off and now everything works as it should!

Thank god. I honestly felt sick thinking what I was going to tell my client.

It’s a point worth nothing though, that anyone who does have content blockers turned on may not be able to use your site fully.

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