iOS 9 bug -- interactions not working

I have an older iPad I use for testing that uses iOS 9.3.5 and it was working fine displaying interactions until Friday 3/3/17. I’ve made some changes to a couple of sites I’m working on and when I published the pages with interactions like: slideshows, scroll to display elements, and element/menu slide-outs stopped working in iOS 9 on my iPad in Safari and Chrome. I was able to view the sites on new iPads and iPhones using iOS 10 and the interactions work fine. The desktop versions also work correctly in all current browsers like: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and ie11 – This just started recently when I published. On another site that I have not published the interactions work fine so I’m thinking something has changed when publishing.

Here are the sites to view the problem:

Interactions do work in iOS 8 on this site:

Please help as these sites are going live by the end of March.

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