Interactions not working in Safari 14.0.1

I’ve already posted once about this but I haven’t had a reply yet so I’m posting again. I have several interactions on my website that work just fine in every other browsers but Safari. I’m not sure if this because of the recent updated and Webflow isn’t compatible with it yet or not. Could someone please tell me what’s going one!?

the issue in question is with the last two tabs on the bottom left of the page. when you click them they don’t fully expand in Safari.

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Seems strange. Can you post a share link to your project, the above links do not work.

Also - are you using any custom code in your website?

Here is an updated share link:

I do not have any custom code other than google and Facebook tracking and a accessiblity widget but neither of those would be causing the problem cause it was there before I added them.

Thanks for your help!

I’m still looking for help on this issue. Doesn’t anyone know why I’m having this problem???

Your live link is not longer working so I can’t test myself, but like you mentioned it’s possible that there was a recent update for Safari that’s causing the issue.

I was able to open the webflow shared link. or are you not referring to that?

Here are some screenshots of the issue. In Chrome, Firefox and Edge the interactions work just fine but not in Safari.

I see the read-only link works but I can’t test the live website on my iPad without the staging domain (—any chance you can republish that so I can take a closer peek at what’s happening?

Based on your screenshots I’m thinking it has less to do with the interaction and more with the flex setup you have on the sidebar—I’d wager there are some properties that Safari wants in order to appropriately grow/shrink those options.

I was able to fix the problem by converting the div wrapping all the buttons in it to a grid. This solved the issue and allowed the accordion function to work in Safari.

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