Interactions not working in Safari Mojave

Just a quick heads-up, I’m running Safari 12 on Mac OS Mojave beta and interactions don’t appear to be working. They work fine in Firefox / Chrome but don’t appear to do anything in Safari. To be precise, it’s a simple page load interaction that triggers an item to appear.

I’m not looking for a solution, just thought it would be useful to post here for the community / Webflow staff.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Java is ticked on and they’ve removed the pop-up window option from prefs now.

Just another triumph for Apple’s software team where Safari is concerned, I suppose.

Safari is the new IE and it drives me insane. I’m about 1 bug away from just ignoring it in testing.


Could you send us the site it doesn’t work for you? I’ve just tested it on my macOS Mojave beta machine and all works great for me :slight_smile:


Sure, here it is:

Which Interaction (and on which page) doesn’t load for you on Safari? I’m asking because I don’t see a single Page Trigger in the Interactions Panel, only a handful of “scroll in/out of view” interactions.

Hi Bart. Apologies for calling them ‘page load interactions’, you are correct that they are basic scroll in/out interactions. However, they refuse to work when the site is viewed in Safari on Mojave.

Most likely a Safari beta issue, I just thought it would be useful to post it here.

… and after a Mojave beta os update last night, they’re working again.

All is well :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it worked :wink: I had the newer beta release earlier I guess because everything worked for me that day.


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