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Interactions being deleted?!

Hi all, hoping someone can shed some very fast light on this as it’s caused a halt in progress.

I have a page where scroll interactions (2.0) are being used, the page is finished.

If I duplicate the page, select the elements which had interactions applied and delete them (not the interactions from the interactions panel), those interactions are DELETED from all other pages…

Am I missing something here?

Any help would be hugely appreciated — as this makes no sense at all. The interaction is/was already in use on the first page, just because I delete an element using that interaction from another page, it removes it site-wide… Surely this can’t be right?

Hope to hear from a saviour soon (and I don’t mean Negan) :slight_smile:

@energidesign… yeah bud… if you build interactions in IX2, they are connected to elements on that specific page. If you use IX1, then they are site-wide. For the moment it’s like this, but I’m sure there will be updates to allow them for an entire site. If you need them for all pages just use legacy until functionality advances for IX2.

Hi @energidesign,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with Interactions 2.0. I’m an engineer here at Webflow and I’d like to know more about your experience. When you say the “interactions are deleted”, do you mean the “triggers” (like mouse click) or the animation list (where you make elements move)? Also, were you part of the beta? Thanks so much!


Hi Leonard,

Happy to help!

I have a page for a site where I have created some scroll interactions, a looping animation for some flashing dots, etc. I then duplicated that page inside WF, and when I preview that new page the interactions are there and working. However, I don’t want the same content on the second page (only some), so I remove the physical divs and items on the page which I don’t need.

Any I remove which had interactions on them which are in use on another page, delete those interactions altogether - even from the other page.


Steve Holmes
Creative Director

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