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Interactions are not running while in Preview mode

Hi guys, something is wrong with creating/editing interactions.

I can’t preview them in the editor, even when creating new interactions, I can’t see what’s happening. Only when I publish the site I can test the actual interactions.

This issue started today it seems.


Hi @rowan! I am checking now in chrome…

Hi @rowan, on a new site, I am unable to reproduce what you have described, is it possible for you to provide a link to a site that I may take a look?

Go ahead and PM me the link if not able to be shared publicly, or send that in to

I have this same issue… When I press the “Toggle Preview” my interaction (with the page load trigger) doesn’t work. The others work fine but the one that is supposed to be triggered by the page load doesn’t.

Hi @jamie1 can you please provide more details so I can take a closer look? Screenshots, screencasts, environment info, and a link to your project will help a lot. More info on posting guidelines here: How to submit a bug report

Thanks in advance!

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