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Interactions and selector names

Hi Webflow community

There is a problem. I searched the forum, but couldnt find any on it…

Lets say I have a squared box with a selector name of “box”, that I target with an interaction.

Now I want to make a variation of the box with another colour and starting position, and have this behave with the same interaction. But if I give it a subclass (so “box”, “2” ) – I can’t target it from interactions, right? It only targets root names.

So I have to create a new div, and manually give it the same styles as “box” to have it named “box2”, or is there another way? I just want the new box to inherit styles from the other, or have subclassed be targetable from interactions…

I spend so much time doing this, so really hope you can help.



You cannot use the “affect another element” part of interactions on subclasses at this point. Annoying i know! You can, however apply an interaction to a subclass such as a loading interaction. Otherwise global classes are your only option at this point.

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