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Can a click trigger interaction affect only child elements?

Hi all

I’m going to make a page with a lot of expandable info boxes like this:

To expand the box I use a button (link div) with a click trigger interaction (like here).

The problem is that I have to make a new interaction for every info box since a unique element name is used to identify the object that is affected by the click trigger. This will end up with a lot of interactions! :scream:

If the interaction could just affect the children of the object where the click trigger is placed, I could use the same interaction on all elements. Is this possible at all?


Was kind of hoping that these options would do the trick… with no effect. What does Nested/Sibling actually do?

Seems like you figured it out on your consulting page.

Hi @samliew

Yes, I’m testing now, it seems to work, I just have to restructure the info box. I will update my post when I got a solution!

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