Interaction UI Improvement

I’m interested in hearing from fellow users (and staff) about the UI of the Interactions. Right now, it seems like a lot of steps. What made me think of this is trying to do a staggered build as in this video:

Does anyone else think that the UI for this is unnecessarily complicated? I will admit that once I got the hang of it, and watched that video a couple of times, I understood it better but it did not seem intuitive to me.

God help me, I never thought I’d use Powerpoint, one of the most terrible malignities ever inflicted upon mankind, as an example of good UI, but for creating animations that are not sequenced on a timeline, it may have some advantages on webflow (no one needs to point out that these software are for different purposes). For example, in webflow, can’t the delay before an animation starts be built into the effect itself rather than requiring it be another step that then has to be manually dragged before the effect?

I also feel like it’s a lot of clicks to make an interaction and then to get into one to edit it. I’m sure drilling down was done for space reasons, but I wonder if there’s a better way.


I completely agree, the interactions interface is not the most efficient or clear. I spend ages opening and closing tabs. I think it could do with a complete overhaul.