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Feedback from a new user

As a new user, here is my feedback to help Webflow improve.

1. Interactions
I have spent a HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME trying to get my head around interactions, and so far, I’m still struggling to do simple things.

You need to work very hard to simplify interactions, and make it far more intuitive.

This is by far the biggest problem. And if you get it right, it is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.

2. Inspector Panel
This panel (styles, settings etc) gets quite confusing, there is a lot going on here, and you need to work hard to simplify it.

You need to visually distinguish between the dropdown sections much better. A couple of ideas:

  • Button at top to close / open all dropdown panels
  • Button at top for option to have only one panel open at a time (ie when one opens, all others close)

3. Skin
I hate working in dark UI’s. You should give an option for a lighter UI.

4. Feedback
You would get more and better feedback if you added a ‘Feedback’ button somewhere. Why should I have to work hard to figure out how to give you good advice.

But overall, Webflow is excellent. Wish I’d found it earlier. (So get you’re freak’n advertising right :slight_smile: )