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Interaction behavior inside Tabs

I’m seeing very strange interaction behaviour of collection lists inside Tabs.

A ‘click to reveal’ interaction is in place. Outside the tab, the behaviour is fine. Inside the first tab it is fine but once duplicated and pasted into the remaining tabs it stops working. Also noticing the random duplication of elements (Shopify buy button) generated by embed codes inside the tabs. Does any know if there is an existing bug?

The project is commercially sensitive so can’t be shared publicly.

Hi @Fathom

Thanks for posting. This definitely sounds odd.

My initial thought here is that the duplicated interaction is targeting different elements, or maybe is set to only affect sibling/children.

In regards to the duplication of shopify buttons — this sounds likely related to the CMS and may be resolved by filtering/limiting.

That said, this is only speculation as it’s difficult to say for sure without seeing the project. Would you be able to share your Read-Only with the Support team via email? If so please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to investigate further to see if there’s an issue here.

Hi Brandon, thanks for your reply. I’ll work through your suggestions and if still experiencing issues, will forward via email as suggested.
The oddest thing is that outside the tabs, the Collection list works perfectly - interactions and buttons with any filtering option I test.

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