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Tabs Triggers not Repeating

Hello there…

Im not sure if im getting it… But when you have Tabs, and content inside the tabs i want to interact when opening the Tab. Then in the Interaction Tab (You know, where all the animation goes). And creating a new interaction thats trigger when a tap open, and closes. The problem is that… It does not repeat. When i click the tab the first time, interaction work. But when i click another tab, and then go back to the tab with the interactions, nothing happens, only the standard fade between.

I the Tabs Interactions Guide video, in his project, it repeats. Not sure what im doing wrong.

I made an exsample (Tab 3 got interactions, the two others dont)


Hi, @Langberg

It is known bug in the Preview mode. Interaction will work fine on published site.


Tried to publish the site, its still there. But do you mean it will work when exporting the zip?

It should work on just published site as well as on exported. What is the site link?

Not working on this:

Tested in published and exportet, dident work

But its working on this test site:

Tested in published, and worked.

I can’t be sure, but I think it may be related to the complicated structure. :confused:

Could you, please make some sort of experiment? Apply one of the interactions to the element which is child to the tab pane itself.

Now i assigned a interaction direcly on the TabPane, and the “About” Div. … Problem still there.
Heres a new link with the new interactions:

Im still looking for a solution. Is this a Bug, or im i doing something wrong?

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