Interaction Appear/Disappear

Hi, I just started with Webflow, and in some tutorials Image Appear/Disappear is listed in the interaction menu, but I couldn’t find it. I was wondering if it’s actually a custom interaction many users create, or if I am missing something. I’ve been trying to keep in mind that tutorials from 1 year ago might no longer be current versions as well.

You just need to select the element you want to add the interaction.

Then choose the type (Click, hover…)
Then, click select a action and choose start a animation

Now, just add the animation.
Choose a name for it and click “add actions”.
For appear/disappear you should click “Hide/Show”

I do go through those steps, but even in the second image you have posted above, I don’t see where it says “hide/show”. Do you somehow control this with opacity?

Replying for the updates.

Opacity 0 = hidden, opacity 100 = visible.
Timed animations show opacity as an option.

image (11)

If you need specific help then share your read-only and indicate what element your are tying to animate.