Interactions Menu..I can't find it :\

I’m new to Webflow and am giving it a whirl before purchasing.

I’m trying to create a simple show/hide (accordion) but I’m having trouble finding the “Interaction Menu” that I keep seeing people referencing.

I know it’s supposed to be under the “Assets” tab but alas…it is not.

Any help?


Thanks so much! You wouldn’t happen to know of a good tutorial on how to build a show/hide in webflow would you?

Thanks again!

Welcome to Webflow, @JFWolverine!

There is several ways to show/hide something:
display: block / display: none
opacity=0% / opacity=100%
move object up (down, left, right) and move to origin place
scale to 0.01/ scale to 1

All this options you can try inside the interaction and find which one fit your needs. But what kind of interaction you will use - it is your choice.

Here is tutorials about interactions:

Feel free to check other courses if you need more information about Webflow, and sure do not hesitate to ask users here :slight_smile:


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