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Integromat and Option Fields

I’m trying to setup a Create Item from Airtable > Webflow in Integromat. In my collection I have option fields with multiple options in each, these exactly match with the records in Airtable so should work.

When I come to map them in Integromat I hit an error as Integromat needs ‘Valid Values’ (see screenshot). Where are these values from and how can I map them?

I’m transitioning from Zapier where it worked fine to just map them as they are in Airtable. Any help would be appreciated!

Each option in Webflow has an id and a name. The values you see there are the ids, and that’s what the Webflow API requires when setting an Option field.

Either you set the ids as your values in Airtable, or store the ids and names in a datastore in Integromat and lookup the ids by name yourself when creating an item.

Or, you can use PowerImporter’s Airtable to Webflow integration. It will do all of that automatically for you. So, if the Footwear Type in Airtable says “sandal” and the “sandal” option exists in Webflow, then PowerImporter will be able to create the item for you (and also update it if it ever changes in Airtable).

Thanks Marc. I’m tempted to try your service. Do you have any discounts/promotions that would get me over the line? Feel free to message me directly

It’s free to use on staged projects with 50 CMS items. Just like Webflow. :grin: