A FREE, full featured Webflow template (with built in ecommerce functionality) - Are you interested?

Hey Webflow Community!
Josh from Foxy here. Last year we made available our free Webflow ecommerce template and tutorials. Since then, the template has been cloned dozens of times and we’re seeing multiple Webflow/Foxy stores launched each month.

It has been a fun and exciting few months, but we’re always looking for more ways we can bring value to Webflow users and help make ecommerce projects even easier.

With that said, we’d like to get your feedback on something we’ve been discussing internally.

A full featured Webflow template that not only covers ecommerce functionality and pages but includes beautiful pre-designed general pages and elements: Home, About, Mission, FAQ, Policies, Contact, galleries, forms, sliders, and more, all powered with Webflow’s CMS.

This FREE template will allow Webflow users to clone, customize, and deploy sites in a fraction of the time, while leaning on Foxy for the ecommerce functionality. Also, with our new API integration (almost completed) and product import feature (we’ll have more info soon), you’ll be an ecommerce superhero.

So what do you say? if you’re interested, please comment and let us know.



Hi Josh,

That sounds amazing. I would definitely use it.


Thanks @PixelPanda! Appreciate it!

Hey Josh,

I have one word: “BRUH!”


Can’t wait to test it out!!

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@anonmusic Definitely! Remember, you can use our basic free template right now: https://webflow.com/website/Responsive-Ecommerce-Template


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Fan-effing-tastic idea! :+1:t3:

@Syndicate15 :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see your Api integration. When will this be available? :grinning:

Hi @pupinko. I don’t have a concrete date since it’s part of a larger update, but we’re in the testing phase. So that’s good news. :slight_smile:

@foxy Yes. Definitely interested in the Ecommerce Template. :+1:

@pixelcactus Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

Wow! Definitely something to be more than interested in!!

Great news guys! @foxy

This is awesome!! Would be even more awesome if faceted search could be included. :smiley:

Foxy is getting a lot of love lately. Not only from the Webflowverse, I hear praises from elsewhere too.

It only makes sense that you come up with one or a series of fully functional Webflow demos/templates… seems to me it’s a very good idea :slight_smile:

@aaronocampo Awesome! We’ll keep you posted here.

@rkoomera Great idea! I have experience with implementing product search in Webflow with Google Custom Search, so that may be a possibility.

@vincent Thanks for the confirmation. A series of templates may be cool. Cover different industries possibly.

I was literally about to ask for this on our other thread we have going! This is very exciting!

That’s awesome @williamsbrad1994! A great confirmation to what we’re working on.

What you’re doing is a great idea but unfortunately not for us as we never host with webflow, it works out way too expensive and we like control over our servers. We were very concerned that hosting costs were only going to increase over time with webflow as this is their revenue model which I think is a real weakness. So as we realised we would ultimately have to bail anyway it was sensible to just not take up webflow for any project that couldn’t be exported. Therefore a template based on webflow CMS doesn’t work for us either.

I have to say this encompasses foxycart too as the monthly fees and per sale commissions on top of the payment gateway charges (i.e. Paypal etc) and the webflow hosting charges is more than most customers want as an ongoing cost, particularly in an age of dramatically rising shipping, staffing and overhead costs. It all impacts the business bottom line.

We’re coders so we have great liberty in how we deploy ecommerce and I accept for folks who are more designers than developers you offer a useful bridge to website development, so power to you! I do think though that anybody considering this route should be very cautious as you could be digging a pit for your customers who may come back to you in the future with regrets.

Just things to consider is all I’m saying.

Happy developing all!

Hi @core-man.
Thanks for the feedback. The template will definitely be geared towards those using Webflow’s CMS which will obviously require hosting with Webflow as well.

That said, when I was doing more client work, I personally designed multiple client sites in Webflow, exported, integrated design into my preferred CMS, added Foxy ecommerce functionality, and deployed.

The beauty of Foxy is that it goes with you and is not limited by your choice of hosting, cms, or even what tools you design your site with.

When it comes to pricing, it’s always good to make sure it’s an apples to apples comparison. Foxy is quite a bit different than your typical all-in-one solutions. Also, to clarify, we only charge transaction fees on transactions that exceed your initial 100 transactions each month. The fee will never be more than 15 cents per transaction (on our Standard plan).

Our pricing includes all features, gateway integrations, support, and an unlimited free trial. Also, you can manage all client stores with one login and you can get 15% recurring commission for each client store you take live with our affiliate program: https://affiliate.foxycart.com/

Hope this helps some. Definitely reach out if you have any other questions.


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