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E-commerce solutions that work with your Webflow hosted project

Sorry, I haven’t tried Selz yet and maybe this is a basic question:

Do I have to upload embebed code for each product?
Or a once embebed code will integrate the store into Webflow, regardless of when you insert a new product?
Thanks again for your help.

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Charles from Snipcart here, did you add the snipcart-overwrite CSS class to your <body> tag? If so and you still have any issues feel free to open a ticket or drop us an email directly to

Also, we plan on publishing a blog post on Webflow and Snipcart very soon! I’ll make sure to drop it here when it will be released.

In the meantime, if any of you guys have any questions regarding Snipcart, you can shoot them here or at the email I just linked to! Cheers!


@couellet Is there a way to manage inventory using snipcart?

Thanks Charles,

Haven’t had the time to go in and look at this but will really appreciated your blog post when its up and ready. please email me at once its ready.


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Not at the moment, most of the time people integrates Snipcart with a CMS of some sort so the inventory is managed in there using our Webhooks and API to keep everything in sync. But we have plans in 2016 to release a very simple inventory management solution. I suggest you to follow our blog to be notified of new releases!


I know this is cheeky, but I would love to suggest, we’re a fully featured eCommerce platform that allows you to start selling on an existing website using a single line of code. You can find out more at


I checked out and it seems pretty cool. Started looking into the system last night and thanks to their very responsive chat support worked out what I needed and made this as a quick sample.

Nice thing is there are pre-made classes that can be easily assigned to Webflow elements and customized via Webflow designer or custom code. It was pretty simple to create an individual product page that is dynamic.


@shop_rocket Very neat!

@jdesign - can you share your read-only link and maybe an accompanying video screencap of how to do this in a new Tips & Tricks thread ?

Cool! I like functionality of their shopping cart. Agree with @PixelGeek, would be awesome to see it from preview link

Yep. I’ll give it a whirl early next week if not before.

@jdesign Sounds great! Any chance for the read only link?

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Hey, folks :slight_smile:

One more option of E-commerce+Webflow: Gumroad

Here I tried to create simple example:


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Thanks for sharing useful e-commerce platform list. One must keep this list in mind if they want to keep their sites in webflow system.

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My name is Ben and I help with product research here at Webflow. We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can build an Ecommerce platform inside Webflow. We’d love to get your input on what you think we should tackle first.

Help us decide by filling out this quick survey:


Did you ever finish? How easy is it?

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