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Best Free eCommerce Option for Webflow - auto monthly payments a must!

I am currently using Ecwid on my site and it is working just fine. My issue is that my business is online coaching and therefore I’d really like to not have to ask for payment each month (which would also help me retain clients if I didn’t remind them they are paying me). Ecwid, unfortunately, doesn’t support monthly payments. Any other suggestions??

Checkout they handle help creatives sell digital products online. They support recurring payments.

I would look at creating a Stripe integration (Stripe). They handle recurring payments beautifully (and automatically) - also if you’re not much of a developer, they have great documentation on their site and plenty of “how-to” articles.

Another solution would be to use WuFoo - which has a really great pre-built connection with Stripe and would give you the information you need - and you would not have to be a developer at all in order to implement, and in fact you can drop the WuFoo form into Webflow with just a code block.

Hope that helps @ForcaRunning


Thanks for the input, Stripe seems to be an obvious choice but I’m having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to integrate it into Webflow. I don’t want to use WuFoo because it costs too much to use even though it seems quite a bit easier. Do you know of any step-by-step instructions how to do this or could you walk me through it? I only have 3 items available for purchase that I would imagine shouldn’t cause too much of a hassle.

Have you guys seen this Stripe Checkout technique?

on a side note… that’s a neat affect they have on the gumroad website…

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