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Do I need to subscribe to some other monthly service to accept Stripe payments with Webflow?

If so, what service do I need to subscribe to?

I want to accept one time payments in the amount of $1000-$3000. I was considering Stripe, but don’t like the idea of paying 40/month in addition to the 2.9% + .3 just to accept payments.

Maybe will have to use PayPal or Google Checkout.

I’m not aware of a monthly fee for Stripe. It should just be the 2.9% + $0.30. Can you elaborate on where your seeing the $40/month fee?

From what I understand - and I could be wrong - don’t you need a service like Moonclerk or to accept payments with Stripe?

If you look on these forums, it seems like nobody is able get Stripe to work with Webflow. I’m not operating an ecommerce site, I just need to bill clients/accept payments on one page. Maybe Stripe alone will work for my needs?

Ah, that makes a little more sense. Stripe Checkout is just an interface that then pipes into ‘your charge code’, which I don’t believe is really possible to setup on Webflow (which is what you mentioned).

There are other solutions out there that can avoid a monthly fee by charging an additional percentage on transactions (eg: Plasso’s free plan charges 4%, Snappy, Selz, Chec, Celery, CommerceJotform or FormCrafts depending on volume?). Depending on the percentage and volume of payments, it would end up being more than $40/month.

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Hmm, so is there anyway to use Stripe (not necessarily Stripe Checkout) and Webflow together and only have the 2.9% + $0.30 fee? I just want to have a button that users can click and pay with. Or Stripe is 100% incompatible with Webflow?

Maybe something like Bonsai would be just as simple? Only costs $1 + the Stripe fee. And they have contracts. Has anybody used it? Still, there wouldn’t be much point in giving aways free $$ if I could simply create a page in Webflow with a Stripe button.

Hi @ckboddic
I understand you’re looking for a service that connects to Stripe but doesn’t have a monthly fee, and while Foxy does have a monthly fee, I still wanted to reach out and offer our assistance if you need anything. You can learn more about Foxy here.


If @foxy doesn’t work out, JotForm looks like they don’t charge a fee on their free plan. You’re limited to 100 submissions/payments per month, 1,000 form views (per month?) and will only store 500 total submissions. You can setup a form with a user definable amount, or you could have a different form for each amount. Seems to be the best option at the moment until Webflow ads some form of ecommerce to the platform.

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